Project Description

Nigel ‘Michael’ Pahl aka Mic North

Mic North was born in 1988 in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. His musical style is shaped by his upbringing. Growing up in the inner city, Mic had to overcome adversity time and time again.

His teenage years were plagued with misguidance and being the only son in a fatherless home led Mic to look for camaraderie elsewhere. Before long, Mic found himself involved with street violence. After his incarceration in 2010, Mic decided he had to change his life for his newborn son and himself. Mic started recording music and got signed to a local record label in 2011. Mic has worked with such talents as Peter Jackson, Young Noble, Twisted Insane, Goody Grace, Winnipeg Most and more. He has done successful openings for Paul Wall, Lil Scrappy, Freddy Gibbs, Stitches, Riff Raff, Merkules and more.

Ever since, Mic North has started his own label with producer and singer Rup Monsta and named it 4th Coast Records. Mic has also chosen to use his music and videography skills to help youth express themselves through digital media production. In 2016, Mic founded Motivation Art Programs (MAP’s) for youth across Canada and has teamed up with James Lathlin from Scared Straight to make a big impact on troubled youth. Follow Mic’s journey through the music industry and life as a full-time musician and a father.