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Trade Show

The trade show will accommodate 30 live in-person exhibitors & 20 Virtual exhibitors, including visual and performance artists, indigenous entrepreneurs, arts and culture organizations, corporate sponsors, and industry partners.  Performance artists who purchase exhibitor booths will have the opportunity to participate in a live in-person showcases or virtual performances.  The trade show will create an opportunity for exhibitors to demonstrate the latest technologies that support the production of Hip-Hop, and engage with industry experts, and generate revenue from the sale of products and services. BOOK A BOOTH TODAY CLICK!


Masters Classes and Cultural Education

A series of classes designed to build the skill level of Indigenous Hip-Hop performers will be delivered and made available to all conference delegates. Interactive workshops on the four elements of Hip-Hop will build confidence and proficiency at all levels of skill mastery. Lectures will prepare delegates to implement marketing and promotional strategies, book gigs, and evaluate performance and recording contracts. The master classes and cultural education will also be available online in our virtual hub for people who want to participate remotely.

Book You Hotel Stay – At Our Host Hotel – The Alt Hotel Winnipeg

Call the Alt Hotel Winnipeg (431)-800-4279 and ask for the 2nd Annual International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards Show hotel room rate. You will be able to walk downstair and join the Trade Show and Workshops and just minutes from The Metropolitan Entertainment Centre where the awards are being held. BOOK TODAY (Link website:  https://www.germainhotels.com/en/alt-hotel/winnipeg)